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British Heart Foundation - Group coaching

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This year we are proudly offering fully qualified B1KE group coaching sessions to riders taking part in BHF events. Having ridden the events ourselves we were surprised to see how many people were struggling with basic off-road skills, which in turn impacted their confidence and ultimately enjoyment of the event!


Since last year we have been working with BHF organisers and our training partners to bring a solution to the problem... and here it is!


Group sessions have been agreed on a variety of dates listed. If you cant make those dont despair, simply fill out the form and we'll do our besst to meet your needs! The sessions will be of half day duration and cover all the essentials you need for a BHF off road event which include;


•Rider perception and expectation of events

•Equipment requirements

•Bike safety checks, including bike setup, control position & tyre pressure advice

•Gear usage, energy conservation and management


Once on the trails we will address;


•Contact points and correct body positioning

•Where to look

•How to avoid that 'over the bars' moment

•Braking progressively and safely

•Riding over roots and other obstacles

•Reading the trail

•Energy management

•Riding small drops and steeper terrain



At the conclusion there will be a feedback session and an opportunity for those wish to have some input on basic emergency trailside repairs.


Mountain biking is one of the fastest growing UK sports. This is an ideal opportunity to enhance and develop develop your skills for memories that will last your life time.


Coaching is in mixed groups and numbers are limited so please register with the link or contact info@surreyhilsbikes.com